Grooming & Bathing

We have 2 main options

1. Our daycare clients are offered a wash and dry service during their regular day stay, including nail trimming, and simple brushing of the coat.

Prices Range from $25 - $60 (depending on the size and coast type of your dog with extra charges for removing matting and excess under coat.

2. Both Daycare and non-daycare clients are welcome to urse our grooming and styling service - Mini Grooms start at $25 for feet, face and sanitary areas clipped (bathing not included), Or Full Bath Groom and Styling starting from $60


Welcome to 4dogsake Grooming. We offer our clients a professional grooming service to suit their lifestyle. Daycare and Groom in one day, saves you time, and hassle.  With your dog knowing our staff and routine it is less stressful for your dog having a one stop shop. It's your dogs home away from home.

Grooming is more than just having a clean dog. Grooming is essential for your dog’s physical and mental wellbeing. Dogs with Medium to longer coats are susceptible to matting, these are balls of hair that get knotted. They are painful because they pull the skin tight and can lead to skin ulcers, infections and other serious problems. Mats can be extremely difficult to remove and often times result in a very short clip. With a regular complete grooming routine, including at home most mats and tangles can be prevented.


Young puppies should be groomed from a very young age. Exposure to the grooming table, dryer, nail clipping and other equipment is beneficial to a dog that is happy and well-mannered during grooming. This will also save you money as the more difficult a dog is to groom, the more we have to charge for our time.

Just like people, dogs have ailments and issues that can show up out of nowhere. Part of our groomer's job is to inspect your pet from head to toe to tail and spot anything abnormal.

At 4Dogsake you dog can stay with us for the day, so there is no need to wait around, this gives your dog a better experience, more rest periods between grooming stages and time to really get to know us.

Our hydrobath provides a deep clean for double coated and bigger dogs, while our standard bath tub is perfect for the little ones. Every dog is washed dried and styled with care.

Talk to us about your dogs individual requirements today.







So, How Does it Work?

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For first timers, we will arrange a time for evaluation This ensures we understand your dogs needs.

At the arranged time bring your dog to us

Dont worry!  Your pet is in safe hands. They will have a great time with all their new friends.  Our staff are experts!

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