About Us

Our mission is to provide quality Doggie Daycare and an all round good service to dog owners.  At 4DogSake we are committed to providing a daily routine of play, learning, socialising and care for your dog.

In the words of the great Cesar Millan, Exercise, Discipline and Affection!

Our staff are chosen based on their commitment to dogs, as well as for their experience, training and passion.

At 4DogSake we believe our dogs are our family, and a happy dog makes a happy family.  So while your dog stays with us it will learn positive behaviour through positive rewards; whilst your dog will have a great time full of play time and interaction with other dogs and people.

The home of 4DogSake is made up of 190sq open plan building, with dividers to create spaces for your dog to lounge and relax in, as well as some play room for fun.  A purpose built outside playground has the space to run, with obstacles made as much for the mind as the body.  As well as a week based daycare, 4DogSake will be available for hire to groups; on weekends and evenings; to provide the Hibiscus Coast and surrounding areas a dog friendly facility the whole family can enjoy.

4DogSake is owned and operated by Sarah Churchouse who has been living in the surrounding rural areas since the 1970's.  Born into a family of animal lovers and breeders of Irish Setters, Sarah attended many dog shows with her parents from a very young age and started horse riding while still a toddler; owning her first pony at 5yrs old.  This love for horses and dogs often saw the two combined; teaching the champion show dogs to leap over horse jumps, and any dog, either a friends or from the family, was fair game for horse riding lessons!

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So, How Does it Work?

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For first timers, we will arrange a time for evaluation This ensures we understand your dogs needs.

At the arranged time bring your dog to us

Dont worry!  Your pet is in safe hands. They will have a great time with all their new friends.  Our staff are experts!

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When its time, come & pick up a happy dog

Is it that time already? When its time, come and pick up your happy dog. Im sure they have lots to tell you!